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Welcome one and all! :)

Welcome, I'm Marissa, and this is my P/T page! For those just joining, P/T stands for Paris and Torres of Voyager. They are *the* couple--and pretty cute, don'tcha think? :)

Why do I like P/T? Well, besides the fact that they look so cute together, they are made for each other. Even in the early episodes, they flirted--take note, you K/T bozos! And now P/T fans worldwide have been heard by the Almighty Powers That Be (aka the Paramount producer bigshots), with persuasion from the Glorious Two (Robbie and Roxann), with help from the Script Goddess (Lisa Klink), our pair are destined to have a wonderful future--together. :)

This is VERY, VERY under construction, so please watch out for the holes and forcefields. Thank you.

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Thanks to my cuz Gayla for some of the pics on this page!! :+)

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~~ Rissa :+)